Top 5 Cities in the world for art tourism

There’s no shortage of impressive works of art stashed in galleries, museums, and public places around the world. Most arts fanatics are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding an art tourism destination. To help you make up your mind and choose well for that matter, this article highlights a number of the top arts hotspots (cities) around the globe. These are locations that will inspire your dreams and give you a sense of fulfillment.

1.    Paris

From romance to style, shopping and architecture, Paris is the place to be. The French city has earned its place as the leading art destination in the world. If you love art and design, Paris should be at the top of your places-to-visit list. The most famous site in town is the Louvre, which is identified to be a global symbol of art. In the Louvre you find many priceless and iconic pieces of art . Perhaps the most outstanding work of art you can witness at the Louvre is The Mona Lisa, a historic painting by Leonardo da Vinci. In addition to the Louvre, there are tons of museums distributed across the city.

2.    Rome

Rome has had some eventful history, so it’s no surprise that it makes it to our list of the top arts destinations in the world. You’ll find thousands of years’ worth of history here. There are infinite museums, including the Vatican Museums that were founded in the 16th century. Rome is known as the city of Renaissance art and within its borders you’ll find treasured works by Raphael, Michelangelo, and Caravaggio.

3.     London

London’s art scene is no joke. The city has dozens of galleries and museums, from the Tate Modern to the National gallery. The Tate Modern houses works of art from the likes of Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko, Henri Matisse and Roy Lichtenstein. There are scores of other hotspots that will have you blazing with excitement.

4.    New York

New York has an immense wealth of art for you to discover. Globally, it’s recognized as the spiritual home of street art. A simple walk will reveal eye-catching graffiti and some other interesting pieces of art by artists across the city. There’s also a lot of classic art available in many of New York’s galleries. The MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) was initially founded as an educational center in 1929, but has now gathered a massive collection. You’ll enjoy paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography and other similar works of art here.

5.    Basel

Basel is often forgotten as a major city in the world, usually because it’s overshadowed by Zurich and Geneva. However, in recent times, it’s been making its case as being the most sophisticated Swiss city. Basel is a center for art and design. Perhaps its strategic position in Europe makes it an interesting location. If you’re looking for a majestic place to take your craving for art tourism, this is definitely the city.

If you want to quench your thirst for incredible art, these cities should be at the top of your list. There’s simply a lot to enjoy in these arts hotspots!