Major challenges in design and art today

A lot of changes and advancement is happening in the design world which is bringing with it new challenges. Technology growth affects everything and everywhere so you can imagine all the challenges it has brought about in design and art. Here are the major challenges in art and design.

1. Finding the right client

This is the most challenging problem faced by designers out there. Finding a good client who really values good designs itself and who don’t perceive design as an expense but a worthwhile investment is just like a dream. Most clients do not appreciate design and art something that is so heartbreaking for many designers out there.

2. Maintaining personal interaction

Personal communication is the foundation of creativity and good business .An idea can always be better discussed verbally which eventually leads to better solutions. Most designers rely entirely on email and social media which is open to interruptions and also it’s non-dimensional. Designers do not meet a client in person to discuss creative issues which greatly affects their market and efficiency.

3. Being multi-skilled

The young designers who are joining the creative industry not only need design, conceptual thinking and skills but also they need expertise in a variety of disciplines that are supported by the latest technology. These particular skills are hard to get in most of the design and art schools which largely affects the designer’s presentational skills.

4. Encouraging new talents to aspire to greatness

The designer marketplace does not provide enough platforms for graphic artists to flourish. There are overwhelming numbers of talents out there but it’s a big challenge to find a non-web based portal for its exhibition.

5. Cultivating experience

As technology advances certain skills will be no longer needed as computers makes designing accessible to all. Humans need to cultivate new ways to gather experience and culture into creative output. This may be really hard to many designers.

6. Adapting to technological change

Designers need to anticipate technological change, master it and be open to new influences. All this takes a very short time demanding a positive mind set and extra effort in understanding everything.

7. Staying true to design fundamentals

In every commercial landscape, designer must remain true to the ideas while keeping up with technology and customer engagement. Every designer must be brave enough to try new different approaches and appreciate the value of doing their job well. The success of the designers who keep these values as their core philosophy shows there is always need of these fundamentals for the betterment of each designers work.

8. Staying relevant

As technology advances the designers will need to be at the fore front of digital by defining what they are doing. They will also need to understand how the marketers are using technology and work out how to fit into the new world. This is a big challenge to every designer who has not yet embraced the need of advancement


The technology is evolving and the software is changing to but the main challenge to all designers is to always make work great and to stay relevant. The world understanding on design is changing and this makes more emphasis on design industry for better results.