Milwaukee Arts Welcomes Seniors

Milwaukee Arts Welcomes Seniors the seniors of Sunrise Assisted Living Facility in Milwaukee.  The members who are not receiving full long term care got to experience local art on their day out.  These residents are not using their long term care insurance policies because although they live in the assisted living, they still maintain their independence and were able to make the trip to the Arts Festival.

Experiencing art for seniors of are getting close to needing long term care has been scientifically proven to keep the mind sharp and slow the effects of Alzheimer’s.  The seniors who made the trip from the long term care facility spent the day painting, clay molding, singing, playing instruments and had such a wonderful day.

I actually met several of the seniors myself and learned a lot about a segment of the population that’s often forgotten.  I learned that they often don’t get out the long term care insurance facility to see Art of this was such a breath of fresh air for the group.  Ed Rollins, the patriarch of the facility, said that he actually heard about this Art Festival from a financial rep who gave a seminar to the family members of the residents on long term care insurance.  The reps wife was actually a head volunteer of the arts festival and gave the residents free tickets.  What a great time the long term care residents had and we can’t wait to come back next year.

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